Livingston city council approves plat


The Livingston City Council met for its June monthly meeting Tuesday to approve a preliminary plat and proposed resolution to accept land.
Frank Nuchereno, vice president of the AP Development Incorporated, has platted a 40-acre area in the past at Highway 190 and 350. Because it has been more than a year, a new master plan and preliminary plat had to be prepared.

This time, the group has platted just 9.4 acres, or six lots, which have been discussed for use by Discount Tire Center. Filing the preliminary plat and master plan is the first step toward beginning to install utilities and infrastructure.

The city’s development coordinator and project engineer have both reviewed the plan and plat, advising they be accepted.

At May’s meeting, council voted to accept a donation of land in the Briar Bend subdivision. In order to officially take the action, council on Tuesday adopted the required resolution.

The land is Lot 53 Section 1 at the end of Briar Way, a street that runs north and south from Church Street. For many years, the city has wanted another through street between Church and Mill Ridge. This will give them the opportunity for that to happen. City manager Marilyn Sutton believes adding the options in that area at will open much of the traffic at that intersection.

The city also recognized the Rotary Club for its armed forces flag project, the First Baptist Church “Rise Up!” day of service, and the F.A.I.T.H. organization for its banner project that will soon begin.

City Manager Report

Major projects currently underway:  

The substation transformer project, designed and funded by the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency, includes the purchase and installation of seven transformers for the various electrical substations in the cities of Livingston, Liberty and Jasper, at an estimated cost of $8 million. SRMPA will purchase and install two new transformers for the Livingston electric substation located on Old Woodville Road as part of this project. Bids were opened on the transformers on Friday, Oct. 23, and the SRMPA Board of Directors awarded the bid to Delta Star, in amount of $4,669,631 at their regular meeting held Thursday, Oct. 29. Specifications and plans for the installation of the transformers will be developed by the project engineer with bids to be opened on the installation of the transformers in June of 2016. Installation of the first transformer for the Livingston substation is expected to be in service by February of 2017, with the second transformer installed and in service by April of 2018.

The TRA Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project increases the production of the city’s water treatment plant to five million gallons per day (MGD) plant versus the current three MGD plant with numerous upgrades to plant. The project ensures a sufficient long-term water supply for Livingston for years to come. Construction began in the fall of 2013 with an original contract time of 630 calendar days, or 21 months. Due to construction changes, equipment delivery schedules and numerous weather delays, the project has been extended substantially with the new estimated substantial completion date on June 27, 2016 and final completion on August 9.  


Projections for revenue and expenditures on the 2016-2017 budget for the current fiscal year are complete and supervisory personnel have submitted their budget requests for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Analysis of current utility rates, personnel and staffing needs, as well as prioritizing of capital expenditures for the upcoming year, are underway. The city is on schedule to present the preliminary 2016-2017 budget to the city council at the August meeting.  


Main Street will hold Picnic in the Park Monday, July 4, at Anniversary Park beginning at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Music, bounce houses, slides, face painting, and a motorcycle and car show will be fun for the whole family. A kid’s parade begins at 10 a.m. on Mill Street adjacent to Anniversary Park. Hot dogs will be served by the F.A.I.T.H. organization and the Polk County Child Welfare Board will serve watermelon.

Livingston Municipal Library:
June 21 at 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the popular movie “Inside Out” will be shown. Bring your own snacks and enjoy the show!
June 22 at 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. the Bonzo Crunch will present a juggling/magic show.
June 28 at 11a.m. Ranger Daisy and Old Timer Raccoon return with a new adventure.
June 29 at 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 am Leo the Lion will present a healthy choices program.
July 5 at 11 a.m. Kim Lehman will present a program called “The Buzz about Bees.” There will be music, props and lots of interactive activities for everyone.
July 6 at 10:30 a.m. an amazing aerodynamics program filled with rockets and other flying machines will be presented.  
July 7 at 11 a.m. a do-it-yourself smoothies program for teens will have tips on healthy eating.
July 12 at 1 p.m. the AgriLife Extension Office will present a program for adults who are considering retirement in the near future
Genealogy research workshops will be conducted weekly on June 23, June 30 and July 7 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
The annual community clean-up event at Pedigo Park, which was cancelled due to inclement weather, has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 25 from 8 a.m. until noon.  
Construction work in progress:

An existing building is being renovated for Pit Row Pit Stop Café at the corner of First Street and Church Street as a diner-type café. Interior work is currently underway.  
The slab has been poured for the construction of a 7,104 square foot dialysis center, The Livingston Fresenius Medical Care, at the corner of West Park Drive and the US 59 North feeder road. The recent heavy rains have delayed the project.  

Site work is continuing on the construction of a new O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store in the 600 block of West Church Street. The recent heavy rains have delayed the project.

The slab has been poured and structural work is underway for the construction of O’Lucky’s Convenience Store/Restaurant Lease Space as an Exxon gas and convenience store with two lease spaces. The recent heavy rains have delayed the project.  

An interior remodel of Dr. Workman’s Clinic doctor offices on the US 59 North bypass is underway.  

Milam Street Coffee House and Bakery construction is complete and city staff made the final inspection on June 8. The owners have advised that they plan to open within the next few weeks, with June 20 as the tentative date.

The building permit has been issued for an interior remodel of a lease space in Northridge Plaza as a dental office on the US 59 North bypass feeder road and West Park Drive.  

Plans for a new state-of-the-art emergency room facility at CHI Hospital, at an estimated cost of $6 million, include a total of 37 ED stations, three trauma rooms, three fast-track rooms and six results-waiting stations.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 27. Final construction plans are expected for city review in mid-June.

The General Contractor on the project will be G.C. Forney, with an estimated construction time of seven months.  

Pending projects in development:

The city development staff has been contacted about building codes, fire codes, location of utilities and driveway access on property on US 190 West adjacent to the First National Bank building as the site of a new Discount Tire Center.

Other items to mention:

A date needs to be determined for the city council to meet for its Strategic Planning Workshop. There, the group will discuss and establish the priority projects for the next five years. The Supervisory Planning Workshop was held on Monday, May 23 and the citizen surveys were due May 31. As of today, we have received 280 responses to the citizen survey.  

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that all public water supply systems maintain a disinfectant residual in their drinking water to protect the public health.  As part of a proactive maintenance program for water distribution systems, public water supplies that use chloramines for disinfection need to switch to a free-chlorine disinfection process on a periodic basis. The Trinity River Authority (TRA), as the operator of the system that supplies and treats water for the City of Livingston, has notified the city that beginning Monday, June 20 through Monday, July 18, a temporary change will be made in the disinfectant that is used in treating the city’s water supply. In addition to the change in disinfection procedures, city crews will be flushing the water distribution system by opening fire hydrants in various parts of the city during the early morning hours to minimize inconvenience to customers.  

A meeting to update local officials on the Zika mosquito virus will be held on Wednesday, June 22 at 6 p.m. at the Watson building. The meeting has been organized by the Polk County Emergency Management staff and is open to the public.  

The city has notified the Polk County Clerk, who serves as the local election official, that city hall will no longer be available as a polling location. The lack of meeting room space to be used for voting and the limited parking makes this location less than desirable for citizens. The city has recommended that the Polk County Courthouse, the Polk County Judicial Center or the Polk County Commerce Center would be a better location for voting. The commissioners court will take action to make a change in the polling site. The city will continue to use city hall as the voting site for municipal elections, since these elections are held on the first Saturday of May and city hall does not experience the issues with elections held on a workday.