OISD enrollment reaches new high

ONALASKA -- During the Onalaska School Board meeting, Superintendent Lynn Redden presented a State of the District power point covering the time frame from the 2006-07 school years to the present term of 2017-18.

District enrollment in 2006-07 was 855 with 482 children in elementary school. In 2011-12 the enrolment topped out at 957 with 554 in elementary classes. There was a significant drop in enrollment ending in 2014-15, when it fell to 895, with 555 in elementary school, showing the loss was primarily at the junior/senior high level.

The three years since that time have all shown increases and as of Oct. 3, the distinct currently has 1,120 students, with 676 at the elementary school.

The expansion and new classrooms, funded by the bond issue approved two years ago, have provided necessary room for the students, with enhanced facilities in all classrooms. The projected growth for the next four terms, through 2021-22, anticipates an enrollment of 534 at the junior/senior high.

The report showed the accountability summary for the elementary school and showed the standard was met for student achievement, student progress and post secondary readiness. The start target for achievement is 60 and the Onalaska Independent School District scored 80. The target for student progress is 32 and OISD’s score is 45. The target for closing performance gaps is 28 with OISD scoring 43; and target for readiness is 12, while OISD scored 32.

The elementary school received “distinction earned” in academic achievement in mathematics, top 25 percent in student progress and in postsecondary readiness. The achievement report for the junior/senior high showed the target for student achievement was 60 with OISD scoring 80; target for progress was 17, while OISD scored 40; the target for closing performance gaps was 30, with OISD scoring 45; and the readiness target was 60, with OISD scoring 81.

Distinction was earned in academic achievement in social studies and in top 25 percent closing performance gaps. The district met the standards in all categories.

A representative from Weaver and Tidwell Tax Advisory, LLC, presented the audits for the year which ended Aug. 31. After a review, the trustees accepted the audit. A copy is available in the business office during regular business hours.

The Ag Issues team presented their programs on Boarder Security during the meeting. They will present this program in many venues as they practice for UIL competition. Under the direction of Adam Graham, this segment of agriculture educations continues to successfully compete in statewide competition.

The board discussed the need for a new irrigation well at the high school. The current older well no longer produces enough water under normal operation for the needs and the addition of a track facility will increase the needs. The board approved having a new well drilled.
The consent agenda was approved, consisting of principal recognition, construction update, enrollment and attendance report, and rescheduling the November board meeting to Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. in the board room at the administration building.

They also approved the minutes of the September meeting, tax report, and quarterly investment report and budget amendments. They accepted bids in foreclosed property presented except for the bid from Teresa Nunez for lot 3, block 16, and section 1, Cedar Point, in the amount of $831.50; which does not meet the minimum percentage of appraised value set by the board.