Five charged with smuggling drugs into jail


LIVINGSTON -- Five people, including three jail inmates, have been charged in connection with a contraband smuggling operation uncovered by narcotics investigators at the Polk County Jail.

The inmates included Maghen Ann Haynes, 30, of Livingston; Sophia Yancey Schaffer, 31, of Goodrich; and Christa Marque Branam, 23, of Livingston.

The others arrested in connection with the operation included Steven Lynn Croft, 41, of Goodrich and Tony Curtis Brooks, 50, of Livingston.

All were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and bringing prohibited substances into a correctional facility.

According to Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack, investigators in the narcotics division opened an investigation on Oct. 27 regarding prohibited substances being brought into the Polk County Jail.

Over the course of the next few days, detectives learned a jail trusty and at least two other inmates conspired with at least two people outside the jail to bring methamphetamine and other contraband into the county’s correctional facility.

Through telephone and video surveillance monitoring, detectives were able to identify suspects and obtain arrest warrants. While the three female inmates were all already in jail, additional charges were filed against them and the two non-inmates were taken into custody.

According to jail records, Haynes has been held since June 6 on a bench warrant, Schaffer has been held since July 19 on a charge of abandoning/endangering a child through criminal negligence and Branam has been in custody since June 7 on a drug possession charge and out-of-state parole violation warrant.

Hammack noted bringing contraband in to the Polk County Jail is a felony offense which will not be tolerated and all charges possible will be filed in such cases and sent to the Polk County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.